Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Happy freaking birthday Brandon! And I will just right now say, whoever's birthday that is in May, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! haha. I give up on telling people happy birthday I have way to many family members. So if I remember your birthday I will send you a special text! Aren't you lucky? Well, Timpanogas caves were pretty cool I got to admit! But, WHAT A HIKE! haha but they were way cool to see all the caves and what phsyco things have started to form in there! very cold! BUt very interesting, I felt like a little scientist :/! haha but wow if you are scared of hikes...i don't suggest looking over the cliff that is all the way up to the top! HOLY! I had to have Josh, Andrew, and Austin stand on the cliff side! ha. But it was way cool! Now, tomorrow I go to Lagoon i am super excited! I will get the pictures of my 3 field trips! see ya

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend I got a lecture from all of my Aunts saying that I need to update my blog! But more importantly I got a HUGE lecture from Emily saying that I missed her birthday! Emily happy belated birthday i love you! Love, alex
Now, this week is crammed with stuff. Tomorrow I am going on the Honor field trip for Science up to the Timpanogas (However you spell it..) Caves! SNAKES!!!!!!! UGH! it is like 7 miles OH DEARY! Then on thursday I will be continuing on my honors field trip and partying it up at lagoon all day with like everyone! Then on friday I will be doing the biathalon and hanging out at the aquatic center all day! And then school ends in like a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fun! well, I will get some pictures posted up of all of my week
love, alex

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I feel terrible!

Okay, so this is a add on from the last post! PAYSON!!!!!! Happy birthday buddie! You are sucj a cute kid! I love you to death! You are one chick magnet "-go get 'em-" Best wishes for your birthday on Saturday!

JAMIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday kid! I know, I know! I missed it! Jamis's Birthday was on the 2nd of April! Ilove this kid to death! He is such a cute kid, with a darn funny personality! Whenever I am with him, I am laughing! Best wishes!

*He doesn't always look this creepy! But, I love this picture! Haha jk Jamis, I love ya!*

Love you both! Love, your favorite cousin (Right?), Alex!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, yesterday was one of my dearest friends birtday! Emily! I hope that you had a great birthday girly! She is an amazing girl! I love her to death! And then! My little sister Izzie is turning ONE today!!!!!! Oh my heck it is so crazy! I love Iz to death! I hope that each of you have a great birthday! Love you both, Love, Alex
Me and Em have so much fun together. From walking around our neighborhoods taking crazy pictures, messin around at parks, climbing trees, getting up on my roof, and going to the canal and buying crazy ringtomes! "All I want to do-ooo-ooo" haha I love you Em! Hope that you had a great birthday! Izzie is just an adorable little baby! It seems like just a while ago my Mom came home with her, but no, it was a year ago! It is crazy! Iz is loved by everyone, just ask my soccer team! Ecspecially Em! My family loves her to death! And I hope that she has a great birthday! Love you Iz!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Decade day!

Well, yesterday was decade day! And I dressed up...sadly NO ONE else did. ONly a few of my friends! but yeah! All the guys thought I was about to go do tye bo! (How do you spell that?) but yeah! I had the tight pants poofy curly hair and the head bands around my head! I got to go!

haha I will update later!

see ya!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


well, life is pretty much the same! EXCEPT!!!!!!!!!! SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh that is so exciting. I am going to have a life now! A very very busy one with school, soccer, and worrying about tryouts! I have also decided that I am going to try out for the high shcool volley ball team! I am suoer phsyced about it! It will be tons of fun... not sure if i will make it but I mind as well give it a shot! And then, I might be forced by my Dad to try out for basketball... haha... that will be a sight! Let me tell ya! Well ya, my life right how is school, and soccer! haha summer is crammed with soccer camps and tourneys trying to prepare me for high school try outs on August 3! It will be tons of fun! I am going to go up to a BYU camp in July 20-23! On my birthday! Who hoo! haha well i got to go!
love, alex

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My boring life.. :)

Hey you guys! Just thought I would get you a quick little up-date, since the last one was whimpy! So, school is great just the end of the tri got all A's this time... yeah, its a first, but I still got $40.00 so it was totally worth it! The rest is just the crappy drama, I swear girls, ugh... some people's parents! haha just kiddin. I'm still doing soccer, last game wasn't my favorite, we played the team that hurt my knee so on top of how timid I already am, talk about more! I was FREAKED out! But still got pissed off about how the game ended...:( Bridge is bridge I love it! Me and Doom make the best out of that thing!!!!! I'm sure some of you have heard some of our stories! Haha one of the little instructor dude Cory is beyond funny!!! haha got to love it. Oh and then, I just found out today that Mckall is coming to visit on Friday! I have not talked to that girl since summer when she moved to Texas!!!!! Anyway, that is pretty much life right now. Just thought that I would get a little update!
Peace :)
Love, Alex